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Technical Support

How to use VPN

We highly recommend that you use a VPN when accesing this website or downloading any of our materials for your own privacy and safety. Some suggested free VPNs include:

Higher quality VPN options exist. These provide unlimited data use so you don’t have to worry about running out, but aren’t necessary (try switching between free VPNs). Two suggestions in addition to paid options of the free suggestions above include Nord VPN and Express VPN.

How to Unzip Files

On most android devices, Files by Google should be able to help you unzip files to access the content.


On some huawei phones, google services may be unavailable, however Huawei built-in files app should also be able to help you unzip files.

How to Share Files

We enocourage students to share our files with anyone and everyone. Zapya is a free app that can help with file transfers between phones. 


Other options include passing on USB sticks or SD cards. SD cards can also be hidden inside some phones and thrown away if needed.

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